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Meanwhile prep your apples: Cut the apples in half, remove the core and cut the apples in thin even slices.I went online to see if I could find a recipe for that and luckily I did.Since the baby will be a boy, I may then coat with blue sprinkles after I dip the bottom in chocolate.With the melon baller, scoop little balls out of the apple making sure to have a section of apple peel on each ball.I also sat them on almond pieces and they were delicious and looked fantastic.

Caramel Apple Poke Cake is the perfect fall dessert loaded with apples and walnuts, oozing with caramel and smothered in spiced cream cheese frosting.I then tried to rescue the apples by coaxing the caramel back on to the apples with my fingers.So we just ate the sad looking little apples and dipped them from the sheet of wax paper.Yesterday with the kids we made this Mini Caramel Apples Recipe and had so much fun doing it.

They actually were coming up with awesome ideas of things to do with it.I did in pattern of 1, 2, 3 so that the caramel would be in similar temperature for each set.Keep in mind that I specifically researched tips ahead of time and read that you should not refrigerate them and that you should wash the skin well to remove any wax.Not only are these little bites the perfect size, but they come packed with flavor that will leave you reminiscing on a nice slice of apple pie with a crunchy, sweet streusel topping.Thanksgiving Treats the Kids Will Love - Anti-June Cleaver says.These Mini Salted Caramel Apple Streusel Cheesecake Bites are the epitome of the best dessert treat ever.Remove the stem from each apple and press a wooden stick into the top.

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After a few seconds dip the apple into ice water, it sets the caramel, then place in the freezer for a few minutes.Caramel Apple Bread is the perfect recipe for quick sweet bread this time of year.

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That way, I can still enjoy a holiday sweet treat after dinner or with coffee without over indulging.Leave the peels so it will give the red colour to your roses.Cut the lollipop sticks at an angle on one end to create a small point to insert into the mini apple.

I read on another site you should place them in the refrigerator before dipping and carmel should be cool have not try them yet going to this weekend.A delicious fall dessert made with only 7 ingredients, Baked Caramel Apple Crisp tastes like caramel apples.

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Finally decided to plunge them in ice water to harden and seemed to work.

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With the melon baller just scoop out ball sections of the apple.

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Bring sugar, corn syrup, and 1 cup water to a boil in a small saucepan over medium-high heat.I have had the same problem before, so if there are no peanut allergies, i used that.HILARIOUS PINTEREST FAILS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DAY. - QuickShott says.I did three sets of mini apples: 1) I just dipped the mini apple in caramel and set on greased waxed paper. 2) I patted the mini apple with a towel (to soak up juices that squirted out when inserting the stick) and then dipped in caramel. 3) I patted the mini apple then rolled it in powdered sugar, then dipped in caramel and set on greased waxed paper.Princess This mini-Martha Stewart can handle ANY craft you send her way.

So I followed your tips and made sure that the apples were room temperature and that the caramel was not as hot.I am not sure how long they last because ours were all gone in the next few hours.Coating them with coconut helped keep them from sticking too much.We dip this into our favorite caramel sauce for the perfect snack.

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Another idea was to create an apple caramel bar with a lot of toppings for a fun birthday party for the kids.Not sure if the apples need to be drIed off prior to dipping.As much as we love caramel apples, no one ever finishes the whole apple.

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I like the bottom dipped in chocolate as well and will try this just for a variation in the overall appearance.Filed Under: apples, desserts, pie Tagged With: apples, desserts, mini.Pat the individual apple pops dry with a paper towel, dip into corn starch, shake loose starch off, then dip into the melted caramel.

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